Septic Tank and Holding Tank Pumping and Inspection Services

Are you looking for septic tank pumping in Peterborough, the Kawartha’s and surrounding areas?

Are you wondering if your septic or holding tank needs to be pumped? Call us at 705-768-4783 for assistance. At Kawartha Disposal we can help you – whether you are a cottager, home or business owner, the proper functioning of your septic or holding tank is essential. A malfunctioning or failing septic system can have very serious consequences both financially and environmentally. Regular maintenance pumping and inspection is critical to ensure the maximum lifespan and health of your system, wells and surrounding environment.

Have you recently purchased a cottage or rural property near Peterborough, in the Kawartha’s or surrounding areas?

A septic system inspection should be part of any rural property purchase and our team at Kawartha Disposal is trained to perform a functional inspection that ensures that your new tank is working properly. Contact us at Kawartha Disposal for a comprehensive Real Estate Septic tank inspection.